how to find induced current in,current carrying coil and condutor?

how to find induced current in,current carrying coil and condutor?


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In the previous Chapter on ‘Electricity’ we learnt about the heating effects of electric current. What could be the other effects of electric current? We know that an electric current-carrying wire behaves like a magnet. Let us perform the following Activity to reinforce it.

Activity 1
  • Take a straight thick copper wire and place it between the points X and Y in an electric circuit, as shown in Fig. 1.
  • Place a small compass near to this copper wire. See the position of its needle.
  • Pass the current through the circuit by inserting the key into the plug.
  • Observe the change in the position of the compass needle.
Fig. 1 Compass needle is deflected on passing an electric current through a metallic conductor

We see that the needle is deflected. What does it mean? It means that the electric current through the copper wire has produced a magnetic effect. Thus we can say that electricity and magnetism are linked to each other. Then, what about the reverse possibility of an electric effect of moving magnets? In this Chapter we will study magnetic fields and such electromagnetic effects. We shall also study about electromagnets and electric motors which involve the magnetic effect of electric current, and electric generators which involve the electric effect of moving magnets




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