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srikanth grandhe Grade: 12

Can the peak value of emf across an inductor be greater than the emf across an circuit in a LCr circuit?why??

8 years ago

Answers : (1)

pratham ashish
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peak value of emf depends on (when current remain constant) the impedence of the circuit. 

In the case where there is just an inductor the impedence will be equal to X(l) (inductive 

reactance)if there is no resistance in the circuit. if we also consider the circuit to have 

some resistance then the impedence will be given by (r^2 + x(l)^2)^1/2.

where r is the resistance.

if only reactance is considered then the emf can be greater but if resistance is also taken in 

to account and it is same for both the circuits.. along with the value of L. i.e. both circuits 

have equal L and R then the LCR circuit will always have larger emf because in this case the 

impedence would be given by ( R^2 + (X(l) - X(c))^2 ) ^1/2.. where X(c) is the capcitive 

8 years ago
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