what is the significance of potential in electromagnetic field????

what is the significance of potential in electromagnetic field????


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Dear bora,

The electric potential at a point in space is electric potential energy divided by charge that is associated with a static (time-invariant) electric field. It is a scalar quantity, typically measured in volts.

There is also a generalized electric scalar potential that is used in electrodynamics when time-varying electromagnetic fields are present.


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dear pritomrit bora:

significance of potential in electromagnetic field:-

Amount of work needed to move a unit electric charge from a reference point to a specific point against an electric field. The potential energy of a positive charge increases when it moves against an electric field, and decreases when it moves with the field. Electric potential can be thought of as potential energy per unit charge. The work done in moving a unit charge from one point to another, as in an electric circuit, is equal to the difference in potential energies at each point. Electric potential is expressed in units of joules per coulomb, or volts.

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