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Grade: 12
Write an expression for potential at point P due to two point charges q1 and q2 at r1 and r2
3 months ago

Answers : (2)

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Let, V(r1) and V(r2) be the electric potentials of the field E at the points having position vectors r1 and r2.
Work done in bringing q1 from infinity to r1against the external field = q1V(r1)
Work done in bringing q2 from infinity to r2against the external field= q2V(r2)
Work done on q2 against the force exterted by q1 = 1/4πεo.(q1q2/r12)
Here, r12 is the distance between q1 and q2.
So, the total potential energy of the system= The work done in assembling the two charges
U= q1V(r1)+q2V(r2)+1/4πεo.(q1q2/r12)
3 months ago
Vikas TU
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Dear student 
Please refer the below link for explanation of your question
Good Luck 
3 months ago
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