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kartik Grade: 11
why electric current is a scalar quantity???
2 years ago

Answers : (7)

Nicho priyatham
626 Points
it dosnt obey triangular law of addition
2 years ago
15 Points
it does not obey laws of vector addition 
2 years ago
211 Points
it does not follow some of the rules of vectors like the vector law of addition
2 years ago
489 Points
a vector must have direction,magnitude and it must obey vector law of addition.
Eletric current has both magnitude and direction but it does not obey vector law of addition,so it is not a vector
2 years ago
erra akhil
208 Points
Current is a scalar quantity. It's better if I explain this.
For any physical quantity to be a vector,not only it should have direction and  magnitude but it should also obey the laws of vector addition.
Consider two wires A and carrying equal currents(for the sake of simplicity)X amperes placed at 90 degrees to each other.Now place another wire at the junction of wires A and B. Now if you measure the current passing through wire C, you will notice the current as 2X amperes.
If current was a vector,the current which you measured would have beensquare root of 2 times X amperes according to laws of vector addition.But instead the current which you measured is 2X amperes. Thus current does not obey the property of vector addition. Hence current is not a vector but a scalar.
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2 years ago
suman gupta
25 Points
										electric current is a scalar  quantity because we know that scalar quantity have only magnitude but it dont have
2 years ago
suman gupta
25 Points
electric current is a scalar quantity because scalar quantity have only a magnitude but it don,t have a direction but  vector have both. while asking ques we do not give a direction for E.C. we only give a magnitude so we can told that that is a scalar quantity..........
                           AND if u support my answer then  like it…...
2 years ago
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