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What is the effect of temperature on semi conductor.

What is the effect of temperature on semi conductor.

Grade:12th pass

4 Answers

Vikas TU
14149 Points
4 years ago
With increasing temperature the Resistance of the semiconductor increases and therefore, the number of charge carriers increases in the semiconductor which leads to eventually in the conductiity increment.
Sridharan N
115 Points
4 years ago
In semiconductors, the resistance increases with increase in temperature because they are conducted by holes.
Sarasij Basu Mallick
33 Points
4 years ago
If temparature is increased , the electron holes get   free so the current incresed......If temparature is decreased,the electron holes get current decresed......
12 Points
3 years ago
In case of semiconductors the relaxation time with temperature does not change with temperature but the number I density of free electrons increase with increase in temperature. So conductivity increases or resistivity decreases. ORWith increase in temperature the speed of elections which jump from valence band to conductance band increases. So conductivity increases and resistivity decreases

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