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Hrishant Goswami Grade: 10
        The plate current in a triode can be written as 

i base p = k(V base g + Vp/μ)^3/2.
Show that the mutual conductance is proportional to the cube root of the plate current.
3 years ago

Answers : (1)

Jitender Pal
askIITians Faculty
365 Points
										Sol. I base p = K(V base g + V base p/μ)^3/2  …(1)

Diff. the equation :
di base p = K 3/2 (V bsae g + V base p/μ)^1/2 d V base g
⇒ di base p/dV base g = 3/2 K (V base g + V base 0/μ)^1/23
⇒ g base m = 3/2 K (V base g + V base p/μ)^1/2 …(2)
From (1) i base p = [3/2 K (V base g + V base p/μ)^1/2]3 * 8/K^2 27
⇒ i base p = k’ (g base m)^3 ⇒ g base m ∝ 3√i base p
3 years ago
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