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State the importance of ‘Earthing’? State the importance of ‘Earthing’? State the importance of ‘Earthing’? State the importance of ‘Earthing’?

State the importance of ‘Earthing’? 
State the importance of ‘Earthing’?
 State the importance of ‘Earthing’?
 State the importance of ‘Earthing’?


1 Answers

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4 years ago
when a charged body is brought in contact with the earth (through a connecting conductor), its entire charege passes to the ground in the form of a momentary current. this process in which a body share its charges with the earth is called grounding or earthing. the electricity frim the mains is supplied to our houses using a three-core wiring:  live, neutral and earth wires. the live wire red in colour brings in the current. the black neutral wire is the return wire. the green earth wire is connected to thick metal plate burried deep into the earth.the metallic bodies of the electric appliances such as electric current, etc. are connected to the eath wire. when any fault occurs or live wire touches the metallic body, the charge flows to the earth and the person who happens to touch the body of the appliances does not receive any shock.

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