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Sir in point 10 It is given imax= E/R and Pmax=E 2 /4R. But sir P=I 2 R therefore, it should be---- Pmax=(E/R) 2 *R=E 2 /R. Please tell me.....

Sir in point 10
It is given imax= E/R and Pmax=E2/4R.
But sir P=I2R therefore, it should be----
Please tell me.....

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1 Answers

Piyush Kumar Behera
435 Points
2 years ago
Actually there is little confusion about the point written as the point has been over shortened.
Here is the actuall concept.
The  I max term is used to depict the maximum cureent through the wire and taking internal resistance zero. You get the required result.
But there is something known as maximum power transfer theorem in this concept.
For it you must understand that internal resistance of a cell cannot be altered by a person setting up the apparatus.It would remain the same as it would be constructed.
The maximum power transfer theorem states that maximum power is transfered to the external resistance in a circuit when the external resistance is equal to the internal resistance.So in that case r= R.
and I=\frac{E}{R+r}
\Rightarrow I=\frac{E}{2R}
So hence we can calculate the maximum power.
Here in the book it is given in that sense.
I hope it helps!!
Piyush Kumar Behera
IIT Dhanbad

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