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Please solve the question in the attachment......... ..... ..............

Please solve the question in the attachment......... ..... .............. 

Question Image
Grade:12th pass

1 Answers

nishant narkar
102 Points
2 years ago
Please understand this question through basic formula of P=VI, here in the graph given in question u can see that V vs I graph is given now we know that the area of the grap will show V×I relation ship which means area under grap actually shows power so as we r increasing current u can see incrwase in area whch means there is increas inpower.SO now come into options here we have P vs I graph given so slope of this graph will represent V ,s0 as we can saw in Vvs I graph given in questinon the V value was continuously incrwasing so THE SLOPE OF THE P VS I GRAPH SHOUD ALSO INCREASE CONTINUOUSLY,so the answershould be option B ,please upvote the answer if its helpfull

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