pl.explain Moving coil galvanometer defining construction and principle

 Moving coil galvanometer
defining construction and principle


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Gman Namg
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Moving coil galvanometer is a device used for measuring the current in a circuit.
Moving coil galvanometer works on the principle that a current carrying coil placed in a magnetic field experiences a torque.
It consists of a rectangular coil of a large number of turns of thin insulated copper wire wound over a light metallic frame (Fig 3.26). The coil is suspended between the pole pieces of a horse-shoe magnet by a fine phosphor – bronze strip from a movable torsion head. The lower end of the coil is connected to a hair spring (HS) of phosphor bronze having only a few turns. The other end of the spring is connected to a binding screw. A soft iron cylinder is placed symmetrically inside the coil. The hemispherical magnetic poles produce a radial magnetic field in which the plane of the coil is parallel to the magnetic field in all its positions
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