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How to determine potential difference using a potentiometer?

How to determine potential difference using a potentiometer?

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1 Answers

utpal raj
244 Points
4 years ago
hiii sheetal
  1. potentiometer is preffered over voltmeter to measure potential difference because it reduces the loading effect across point in circuit where we wnt to measure P.D, means it does not draw any current and so does not produce error in measurement.
  2. it works on the principle of potential difference between any terminal is directly proportional to length between the terminal. A is at zero potential , first close the circuit so that current start flowing , then move the jockey of potentiometer , and see the reading of galvanometer when there is no deflection in galvanometer means potential of both E1 and between jockey is same , so V=KL where L is the distance measured on jockey , where K is the potential gradient of potentiometer wire 
  3. hope this will clear your doubt , if any problem then comment, please aproove , 
  4. good luck

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