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Grade: 12
        How does electron mobility change when-  1- temperature of conductor is decreadecreased. 2- Applied potential difference is doubled at constant temperature ?
4 years ago

Answers : (3)

Nicho priyatham
625 Points
1)wn temp is increased resistance is increaded so current decreases end electron mobality decreases
2)wn pd is doubled curent increases and electron mobility increases
PLZ APPROVE if useful and ask if any further doubts
4 years ago
733 Points
The second part of the answer is incorrect.
4 years ago
Khushal Mehta
26 Points
1. when the temperature is decreased the relaxation time increases.
As the mobility of electron is directly proportional to the relaxation time so the mobility also increases.

2.The potential difference is inversely proportional to the mobility.So If the potential difference is doubled then mobility gets half. 
one year ago
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