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Describe ur idea of using a GPS sensor in mobile robot.discuss accuracy ,,,,how connected??......plz rply soon!!

Describe ur idea of using a GPS sensor in mobile robot.discuss accuracy ,,,,how connected??......plz rply soon!! 

Grade:Upto college level

1 Answers

Nirmal Singh.
askIITians Faculty 44 Points
7 years ago
it is used in almost all mobile devices and in any autonomous mobile robot with navigation system.

These systems are designed to stay connected anywhere on the planet to at least four GPS satellites. Each of the satellites sends to the GPS system information about its position and the current time at regular intervals. After signals are received by the GPS receiver, the device calculates the distance to each satellite in part based on the time spend for a message to arrive and taking in consideration that the signal travel at the speed of light.
Applying the process called trilateration, the GPS system can pinpoint the location on a map.

Depending on the size, power, update rate, or accuracy, you have to choose the best GPS system for your robot. To make the work easier, in the following I focused and explain some of the most important features of a GPS system.

The accuracy of a GPS system is influenced by factors such as weather, satellite geometry, clock inaccuracies, clarity of reception, the multipath effect caused in general by the reflection of satellite signals on objects, the time of day, and the type of equipment you are using. The accuracy of a GPS system can vary between +/- few centimeters to +/- few meters. The GPS receivers with an accuracy measured in centimeters are really expensive and very rare.

Thanks & Regards,

Nirmal Singh

Askiitians Faculty

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