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Grade: 12th pass
Current through 1ohm resistor
Which is placed on middle
Plzzz provide solution regarding to it
9 months ago

Answers : (2)

Raghuram Kannan
25 Points
solution; assume that only one of the batteries only produces current .
let us assume it produces i current .
applying junction law at the junction we get i=i1+i2 (equation 1)
where i1 is the current flowing to the middle resistance and i2 is the current flowing in the upper resistance.
now apply loop law in the first closed loop 
we get 10=i+i1=(i1+i2)+i1=2i1+i2 (equation 2)
now apply loop law for second circuit.
we get
i1=i2+10( equation 3)
solve equation 2 and 3 
we get i1=20/3 and i2=-10/3
here – indicates negative direction
hope u liked the solution
9 months ago
praga theesh
31 Points
apply loop law to the two loops .
in left loop you will get 10-i1-[i1+i2]=0____eqn 1
in right loop you will get10-i2-[i1+i2]=0____eqn2
solving 2 wqns you will get i1=i2
therfore you will get i1=i2=10/3
therefore the net current in the 1ohm resistor is 2i1
which is equal to 20/3
8 months ago
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