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comment Lenz’s law - a consequence of conservation of energy

Lenz’s law - a consequence of conservation of energy


4 Answers

Gman Namg
420 Points
6 years ago
Copper coils are wound on a cylindrical cardboard and the two ends of the coil are connected to a sensitive galvanometer. A magnet is moved towards the coil . The upper face of the coil acquires north polarity and similarlu viceversa as pe the results the thenConsequently work has to be done to move the magnet further against the force of repulsion. When we withdraw the magnet away from the coil, its upper face acquires south polarity. Now the workdone is against the force of attraction. When the magnet is moved, the number of magnetic lines of force linking the coil changes, which causes an induced current to flow through the coil. The direction of the induced current, according to Lenz’s law is always to oppose the motion of the magnet. The workdone in moving the magnet is converted into electrical energy. This energy is dissipated as heat energy in the coil. If on the contrary, the direction of the current were to help the motion of the magnet, it would start moving faster increasing the change of magnetic flux linking the coil. This results in the increase of induced current. Hence kinetic energy and electrical energy would be produced without any external work being done, but this is impossible. Therefore, the induced current always flows in such a direction to oppose the cause. Thus it is proved that Lenz’s law is the consequence of conservation of energy
33 Points
6 years ago
i think hat it has gonna big
i just requested for the comment
Gman Namg
420 Points
6 years ago
actually over here on the we we are not allowed to post 2-3 lines answer that is why is commented so vast if u have and problem related to that comment me back i would comment for this briefly
211 Points
6 years ago
let me comment over here briefly such that let suppose that  you  have bought a north pole of a magnet near a coil thus the nearest side will developed south pole by flowing an induced current, but when you removed it from near the coil it will developed north pole by reversing the current. Which mean that when you brought near the coil, it try to oppose it by repealing the north pole, i.e, it convert the kinetic energy into electrical energy.thus we could say that 
Lenz’s law - a consequence of conservation of energy
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