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Mostafijur Rahaman Grade: 12
A voltmeter has a resistance G and range V. Calculate the resistance to be used to extend its range to nV.
3 years ago

Answers : (2)

Sher Mohammad
IIT Delhi
askIITians Faculty
174 Points
										The we require n resistance so , total resistance is nG
3 years ago
Sher Mohammad
IIT Delhi
askIITians Faculty
174 Points
										To extend the range of a voltmeter we add a resistance of more value in series with the meter.
value of added resistance(shunt) Rs=Rm+V'/ImHere V' is the new range, Rmis resistance of voltmeter and Imis maximum value of current through voltmeter that is Vm/Rm
for this case Rm=G Vm=V and V'=nV
so Rs=G+nG=(1+n)G

Sher Mohammad
faculty askiitians
3 years ago
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