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ankit - shakya Grade: 12
        Statement 1: electrons move away from a region of lower potential to the region of higher potential.

Statement 2: since electrons have a negative charge.
Choose correct answer: If Statement 1 is correct , Statement 2 is correct and Statement 2 is its correct explanation. If Statement 1 is correct , Statement 1 is correct and Statement 1 is not its correct explanation. If Statement 1 is correct , Statement 2 is incorrect . If Statement 1 is incorrect , Statement 2 is correct.
8 years ago

Answers : (1)

Ramesh V
70 Points

The designation of what is "high" and what is "low" is actually done by convention. Nature actually doesn't care what we call it. So assigning something to be + or - is also by convention (or in this case, tradition).

negative pole is of lower potential and +ve pole is of higher potential and  it is taken that more electrons in the negative pole due to their negative charge.

The electrons do move from the negative terminal to the positive terminal,

both statements are coreect and i think its correct explanation

P.S: Any kind of answers and comments from other experts are most appreciated




8 years ago
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