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vivek kapoor Grade: 12
        What is voltage Law and Current Law??
8 years ago

Answers : (1)

Gaurav Sharma
19 Points

Voltage Law

"In any circuit, the sum of decrease in voltage equals the sum of its increase."
For example, imagine a circuit with a battery and a bulb. If the battery generates 3 V, then the bulb must consume 3 V, because the sum of decrease in voltage (-3 V consumed by the bulb) must be equal to the sum of increase in voltage (+3 V generated by the battery).

Current Law

"At any junction point in an electric circuit, the total electric current into the junction is equal to the total electric current out."

A junction is any point where wires are splits into two or more.

In the left diagram, incoming current (2 A) is being split into half at a junction point (1 A), and then is combined back to the original current (2 A).


8 years ago
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