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sourav gill Grade:

Hi friends,

The electric potential difference between two points is simply the difference in potential energy possessed by charge between those two points. Is dat true????

8 years ago

Answers : (1)

Vijay Luxmi Askiitiansexpert
357 Points

Close, but not correct .

The difference in electric potential between any two points is simply the different in electric potential energy per charge between those two points.

Using a gravitational analogy, gravitational potential is the difference in gravitational potential energy per mass between any two points. Gravitational potential energy is dependent upon the amount of mass present at a location (m•g•h); the more mass present at a location , the more gravitational potential energy.

In contrast, gravitational potential reduces the importance of mass by defining itself as the potential energy per kilogram of mass (PE / m). By so doing, gravitational potential is now only location dependent - depending only upon the value of g at a given location and the height above some zero reference level.

In the same manner, electric potential energy at a given location is charge-dependent. The more charge present at a location, the more repulsive (or attractive) effects and the greater the potential energy. But electric potential makes the amount of charge unimportant since it is the electric potential energy per charge. Now electric potential is location dependent - dependent for instance on the location in a circuit and not upon the amount of charge flowing past that location in a second.

8 years ago
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