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which topics come under the heating effect of current in jee syllabus?

which topics come under the heating effect of current in jee syllabus?


2 Answers

Rahul Kumar
131 Points
9 years ago

The complete chapter is important

Heating effect of electricity is one of the widely used effects in the world. When electric current is passed through a conductor, it generates heat due to the resistance it offers to the current flow. The work done in overcoming the resistance is generated as heat. This is studied by James Prescott Joule and he enunciated various factors that affect the heat generated. The heat produced by a heating element is directly proportional to the square of the electric current (I) passing through the conductor, directly proportional to the resistance (R) of the conductor, time (t) for which current passes through the conductor. It is given by the expression H = I2Rt and is well known as Joules Law.

rituparna chakraborty
14 Points
9 years ago

So you mean to say that only joules law is there in the jee syllabus, not seebeck effect, thomson effect andpeltier effect?

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