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what is eddy current

what is eddy current

Grade:upto college level

2 Answers

Godfrey Classic Prince
633 Points
10 years ago

Dear Student,

An eddy current is induced into a metal when magnetic lines of force move across it. A South pole causes circulating current in clockwise direction while a North pole causes current in counter-clockwise direction. These eddy currents thus buck the applied forces. Eddy currents are undesirable when induced into transformer cores causing power loss. Lamination of core material reduces current flow in the core. Current induced into the secondary winding of a transformer is a used to step-up or step-down voltages so that they can be of a correct size for end-use applications.


When time-varying magnetic field is applied to electrical machines like transformers, a time-varying emf is induced in the transformer cores. A short circuit occurs at the molecular level in the core. Due to less resistance, a large current begins to flow in the core. This causes heating in the core. Actually the path of the current is circular resembling the circular waves in a pool of water (eddy). Hence these currents are called eddy currents.

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ashish singh
18 Points
10 years ago

eddy current is the current induced in bulk peices of conductor , when they are subjected to changing magnetic flux. due to eddy current , heat is induced in bulk irons etc.

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