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Balaram Krishnan Grade: 12

16.        A 100 W bulb B1, and two 60 W bulbs B2 and B3, are connected to a 250 V source, as shown in the figure. Now W1, and  Wand Ware output powers of the bulbs B1, B2 and B3 respectively. Then    


(A)       W1>W=W3     
(B)       W1>W>W3 
(C)       W­12 =W3 
(D)       W12


Please clear my doubt..when they have said that the power is 100W 60W does it change in this situation ?..if you are saying they change with applied voltage then for what voltage is the power 100W ?..please explain..and..if I try to find current through the two resistors in the top..then I get extra variables and the problem is becoming complicated as I write i(R1+R2)=250 how should I use the given power to eliminate variables ?..I just dont understand what the power they have given means exactly..and how am I supposed to use it ?


Thank you very much ! :) 

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

iit jee
44 Points


I THINK ITS A)W1>W2=W3...........................

7 years ago
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