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K. Mohmmed Laique Hussain Grade:

An electron is rotating around an infinite positive linear charge in a circle of radius of 0.1 m , if linear charge density is 1 micro coulomb per meter, then velocity of electron in m/s is? . . . . . pls help as soon as possible

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

Askiitians Expert Ankit -BVCOE
18 Points

Hi mohmmed

You can imagine the postive linear charge as vertical rod and electron moving around it in a circle horizontaly.

the image uploaded might help in visualization.

Now you know that there will be a force of attraction among the opposite charges and also since electron is revolving in a circle ,there will be a centrifugal force(repulsive) acting on it.

These forces will be equal and opposite and thus will form the equation.

electrostatic force will be, F1 = qE (where q is electron,1.6*10^-19 and E is electric field due to infinte linear charge )


                 E = λ (per unit charge) =   1.7974*10^4

                       2 ∏ ε

and centrifugal force, F2 will be fiven by = mass * velocity^2  / radius

                                   mass of electron : 9.1 * 10^-31

                                    radius (given)= 0.1

equating these two forces , we get v = 1.78 * 10^8   .








1735_14825_3d view.JPG

7 years ago
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