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Grade: 12
What is the priority order of electron displacement effects
8 months ago

Answers : (2)

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Dancing resonance ( observed in tricyclopropylmethyl carbocation ) > resonance effect > hyperconjugation > electromeric effect > inductive effect.
8 months ago
Vikas TU
11655 Points
Dear student 
I would like to add. 
Electron displacement is basically the displacement of electron cloud from one atom to another.
For example, certain atoms or molecules have tendency to release electrons (e.g. alkyl groups) or withdraw electrons from other atoms (e.g. carboxylate group).
Polarisation is a type of electron displacement in which there is a shifting of bonded electrons from one atom of less electronegativity towards atom of more electronegativity.
Cl being more electronegative than C attracts shared pair of electrons towards itself and creates partial charges on itself and C.
Delocalisation of electron means electrons are shared between certain atoms, when a molecule cannot be represented by just one Lewis structure. It means electrons don not have a particular localised centre. There is no partial charge formation due to electron delocalisation. It is normally seen in conjugated systems.
Example:  carboxylate anion (-COO-) can be represented by two Lewis structures
8 months ago
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