what if i take a drop after class 12 to prepare for JEE advanced?

what if i take a drop after class 12 to prepare for JEE advanced?


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2 years ago
Go ahead bro and take a drop if you wish to. Follow your heart. Don't make such a decision that you regret later in life that you could have got into a much better engineering college or that you wasted one year of your life.
I was in your shoes last year and took a drop. Everything was going well and my performance and preparation were up to the mark and I could have scored really well in JEE Mains and Advanced, but then I did a blunder. I had low percentage in boards thus couldn't get a decent NIT even with high marks in JEE Main and was not in top 20 percentile so couldn't get any IIT. After the rules got revised (75% in boards for JEE-Advanced), I had decided not to appear for Improvement exams.
Come February, My preparation was going good but then on 26th of February, 2 days before the commencement of CBSE Boards, I decided to appear for improvement exams confident that it won't affect my JEE Mains and Advanced preparation and that I'd revise for them alongside my board exams. My motivation was that I'd have a good enough NIT as a backup. But I couldn't either revise for JEE nor could I perform well in Boards. I ended up with only a marginal improvement of 2% in boards and didn't perform as well as I could have in JEE Main.
I again mustered up courage and started preparing for JEE Advanced, My preparation was good enough for it and I was confident of getting into an IIT. But cometh the D-Day, I flunked the second paper and thus even though I had a decent first paper score, I'm not qualifying for JEE Advanced. The reason was that I had to stand in Jaipur noon for 1.5 hours after first paper. Well, Luck played it's role and deprived me of an IIT. 
So, Yes, It's up to you to take the decision to drop. If you do, give it your all and don't make stupid mistakes like me. Hope you learn something from my story. Best of luck!
EDIT : Your placement opportunities are not going to be affected because of taking a drop, cheers! After college, all they care about is your skill set and how good can you perform.
Vikas TU
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2 years ago
Dear student 
There is no problem in that , You can drop after 12 .
Many of my friend cleared.
Good Luck 
Cheers …...........................
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2 years ago
dear one your decision is nice but only if you have the spark to become a iitian 
and most of the crackers are the droppers

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