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Grade: 12


What are the other options after JEE and what strategy should be followed to crack through them?

What are the other options after JEE and what strategy should be followed to crack through them?

6 years ago

Answers : (1)

askIITians Faculty
73 Points
171-234_strat1.jpgIIT JEE exam 2014 is nearing fast and all of you would be studying hard to crack the exams. There might be students who would be frantically solving as many practice papers as possible, there might be some others who would be checking out the last minute details from their revision notes, and even there ­­might be some people who would be in a never ending hurry to finish their course material. This scenario happens every year; no doubt since it is for JEE, as JEE is one of the toughest examinations of the world.

This exam frenzy is okay, but many students feel disheartened and depressed if their JEE doesn’t go as per planned. Well, let’s be realistic. Even if everyone attempts the paper well, would it be possible for everyone to make it to the IITs? The answer is No. Against just 10 thousand seats there would be around 13 lakh students appearing for the mains! So it’s going to be 130 students fighting for 1 seat! And then there are huge reservations also. So once you are done with JEE, whether you are confident or not about the results, you should never leave your preparations behind and depend wholly on just one source. Though the course of difference Engineering Entrance exam would be the same but the pattern is going to be different.

Other colleges for consideration can be:

1) NITs & IIITS: NITs and IIITs are established by the central government (IIITs are set up in association with private sector and State governments) and are some the places to go for engineering. We all know that the older NITs have already established themselves, but the newer ones need time to be in the race. Even then, if compared with the rest, next to IITs they offer the finest engineering education.

2) University departments/ Constituent Colleges: Also known as the state universities, these are the colleges which in real means are providers of engineering education in the country. Like the College of Engineering, Anna University, or the College of Engineering, Pune University, or CUSAT, the Cochin University, these are pioneering institutions in respective States and remain the first choice for State-level engineering aspirants.

3) Affiliated colleges: These account for the largest number of engineering colleges, both in the public and private sectors. They constitute of over 90% of the total engineering seats. But these, unlike the state universities, are quite varied in their value and worth, and also the quality of their programmes. Thus it is advised to evaluate carefully before you choose any one of them.

4) Private universities/ Deemed Universities: Even after the warning of the uncertainty due to the Tandon Committee Report, these Deemed universities have come out a long way. These have emerged out of existing engineering colleges and some of them have really have high names for themselves, like the BITS, Pilani and other BITS colleges. So if you are considering them, do look at their pedigree carefully and then decide on the admissions.

Clearing the above entrance examinations is considered to be very prestigious. It definitely doesn’t need to be an IIT always. Of course there is the best and then the second best and so on, so least you can do is to refrain yourself from comparing IITs with these colleges.

IIT JEE v/s Other Entrance Examinations:

1) The chances are much higher in the rest of the entrances because the number of seats from all these available options is much larger than what IITs can offer you.

2) The entrance exams of the other Institutes would also differ with the IIT JEE pattern. For e.g., maximum of these entrances constitute of a single paper of 3 hours duration. Whereas, IIT JEE has 2 papers each of 3 hours duration. So the weightage of maths becomes less in these examinations and this is good news for students who do not have a strong hold on mathematics.

3) The second difference is that many of these could be pen and paper based tests, whereas the JEE is a computer based test. So if you have been preparing just on computer screen, after 5th of this month you need to do a bit of getting used to for the pen and paper test.

4) Also, the best part about cracking these exams is it is these are definitely going to appear a little easier than the IIT JEE and would revolve much more around your NCERT type of problems. So once you are done with the JEE mains, try going back to your basics from NCERT and brushing through all the important concepts.

Engineering Exam Preparation Tips 

Following are some Engineering Exam Preparation Tips which would come handy for you for rest of the entrance examinations.

1) The preparation of all of these is more or less on the lines of AIEEE and is NCERT based. So brush up all your summaries, concepts, theories, formulae etc. as you get prepared to take these exams. So the mantra here is to revise, revise and revise! The more you will be thorough on your NCERT portions, better will be your hold on the different topics covered under the examinations.

2) To be well versed with the exam pattern, it is always advisable to go through the practice paper of each college at least a week before the examination. These are examinations from different universities so the pattern will definitely be different. You can write you doubts and hence get them cleared on time. The best part of appearing for these examinations after appearing for the JEE is that whatever will come in these would look much simpler and much more comprehensible to you.

Again I would reinforce to all you students that it is advisable that you must always keep your options handy. All of the above mentioned colleges and many more in the league are very good institutions to graduate from. These are excellent colleges and will place you to the best companies.

And above all, it is only a part of your future which the name of the college can decide, but the rest depends on your performance, irrespective of wherever you have studied from.
6 years ago
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