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Grade: 12
        What are the best things that one can opt for after B.Tech?
6 years ago

Answers : (1)

askIITians Faculty
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Many studentswonder about career options right after B. Tech degree at some or the other point in their lives. In fact, especially in India where students are judged by their out-of-the-box professional successes, it becomes even more important for them to start hunting right career options after degree in B.Tech.

So to help students find right career options after B.Tech, we have compiled a list of 10 best professional opportunities that they can opt for.

1.       Campus Placement Campus placement is a great option for students already bored of studying or for those who don’t have plans on studying immediately after B.Tech. Obviously, campus placement comes with an opportunity to work in a decent company and also helps break that long monotony of studying. Considered asa safer option, students can even decide the field in which they want to work.

2.   M.Tech Degree Students can also opt for a degree in M.Tech after B.Tech only if engineering was their passion. They can also select the filed they wish to master. To get a seat in M.Tech, students must work hard to crack entrance examination. Students can take Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering or GATE in India to land a seat in IITs, IISC or NITs.

3.   MBA Just because you are an engineer doesn’t mean that you cannot don a business suit. If you have a fascination for a post in management in an MNC then you can probably do MBA.You can specialize in any area of your choice like HR, Marketing, Sales, Digital Marketing, and International Relations etc.

4.  Civil Services Students can also think of preparing for civil services. A job in civil cervices offers many perks. There is no doubt that it is one of the toughest exams to crack but you should not hold yourself back just because of this fact. Hard work, determination, and focus are three key mantras to crack any exam in the world.

5.  Short-Term Course Short-term courses are also a great option for students looking forward to break that long monotony of studying. Students can choose from a number of job oriented certificate courses in embedded technology, VLSI, Robotics, ethical hacking, protocol testing, and machine designing etc.

6.  Entrepreneurship If you have always had an idea to make it big in the business world then this is the right time to turn your ideas into life. It is quite easy today to become an entrepreneur. It is more like a trend or a fashion. You can opt to become your own boss but it does not give you freedom to ignore work. You will have to work hard even when you are your own boss in your own office.
Study Abroad You can go abroad for studies. This gives you immense exposure in learning about the country and its culture.

8.  Army Students can also join army after B.Tech. A job in army is not only adventurous, but also rewarding. Students can defense as technical staff by applying through University Entre Scheme.

6 years ago
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