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Grade: 12
        Is clearing IIT-JEE really a signature of intelligence?
6 years ago

Answers : (3)

askIITians Faculty
73 Points
Is Clearing IIT JEE Really a Signature of Intelligence

Where life begins for many students with the outset of college life, the trend is entirely reversed in case of IITs. Cracking the JEE becomes the crux of life for them and this constitutes for a toil of many sleepless nights. On one hand, for some students this hard work ends with the happy results of JEE, but for some this journey becomes a destination-less path for years. We know that we live in a very stereotypical society where the expectations of the people around us matters a lot. From parents to other elderly relatives, from teachers to the peer group, and even neighbours- everyone expects something out of the students around them. As soon as a child is born in India, the parents decide his career and as the child grows up, he becomes a blind follower of the decision. Even in a case where the student chooses IIT as his career path, sooner he is burdened with the pressure of getting it cleared in a single go and other engineering colleges are assumed to be unworthy of his efforts!

Where it is a well-known fact that IIT JEE is one amongst the toughest exams in the world, still it would be very subjective to address securing admission in IIT or clearing JEE as the work by an epitome of intelligence. For some it comes as the result of the hard work of a couple of years after passing 12th standard, and for some others it is the outcome of the heavy duty preparations for IIT JEE along with their board examinations. Indeed it is an achievement to clear the JEE but there are many factors which contribute towards it. Those factors can be spending lakhs of rupees on a proper coaching during your preparations years, moral support from people around you and a lot of dedicated time and facilities to study. There are students who get deprived of these facilities and can’t pave their ways through the JEE, but that in no sense makes them less intelligent or less deserving. And sometimes, it might not be just your choice to not go for an IIT degree. You could be the one who wants to shine through the board examinations without worrying about the preparations of the JEE and would be aiming for NIT later, or even work your way through a graduate degree in some honours discipline.

Not making it through the JEE doesn’t end the options for you or mark your intelligence any lesser than the ones who get through. Against the 9600 seats available in the IITs, it is believed that the number of students appearing for the JEE will be 5.2 Lakhs this year, which makes the applicants per seat ratio as 54:1. Believe me, no one can be assured to crack the JEE as a cakewalk!You can, on the other hand score well in AIEEE or other examinations like for VIT or BITSAT and secure the best option available to you. Don’t lose your heart over the same and stop making efforts. You can still work towards JEE for the next year, still being in a college.If IIT is where your dream destination lies, then after graduation you can always opt to clear GATE and get into IIT to pursue and M. Tech degree. So it is high time that that we all understand that though it is an achievement for the engineering students to crack the JEE but failing to do so is nothing like the end of the world for anyone. There are many other prestigious colleges, as well as many options other than engineering. But if you are still keen only to crack the JEE, then believe in yourself and understand the fact that though it may sound like a Herculean Task at first, but a steady and dedicated approach will always get you to where you want to be.

6 years ago
priyanshu ranjan
31 Points
							First of all consider the total people attempting the entrance examination. This would be around 4 lakhs until 2012. Now, consider the total seats in IITs. Around 8000. This comes out to be 2 in a hundred and thus is extremely competitive.

Leaving the people who entered into IITs using reservations in the last opted branches, all others are highly intelligent and hardworking. JEE makes this sure. 

As you said, the exams in other countries are tough, that is really not the case. You have prepared for JEE for 2 to 3 years and then you saw the paper to be easy. But seeing the other papers for the first time definitely makes them `look` tough. I can give you an assurance that JEE is one of the toughest and most competitive examinations in the world. Just compare the syllabus and even the amount of hard work required.

So, most of the people at IITs are intelligent when you compare to most of the population outside.

P.S : awareness and dedication solely can never help you get into IITs. You should develop quick thinking skills and application ability in new ways which can only be developed with intelligence.
6 years ago
prince raj
36 Points
							yes, it is !
6 years ago
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  • Study Planner
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