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Interview Tips- What are the best interview tips to crack campus placement ?

6 years ago

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askIITians Faculty
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Landing a job during a campus placement is a dream-come-true moment for many students. But all the good feeling about appearing for a campus placement should not undermine the importance of rigorous interview preparation that you should indulge in. 

Cracking a campus placement is not everybody’s cup of tea. So to ensure success during campus placement, you must work hard keeping the following interview tips in mind:

    1  Get Your Resume Correct Sadly,preparing a good resume does not always feature on the list of “the best tips for interview for campus placement’. Many students don’t pay much attention to preparinga good, flawless, and quality resume. Remember that your resume is your first impression and in corporate world first impression is still considered the last impression. To prepare a good resume, students must do a lot of research. There are different types of formats available for you but choose the one that suits you the best. You can also take help of alumni or professionals.

2. Know Your Recruiters The best advice given to a soldier in a war was to know his enemy. The same saying fits really well in the context of campus placement. It is really helpful to know and gather information about your recruiter in detail. You can also read about your recruiters and their firm online. Keep a track of their visits to other colleges.

    3. Know the Recruitment Process Getting familiar to recruitment process helps you prepare effectively for the campus placement. You must collect all the information about the recruitment process. This will also help you organize your preparation for the big day.

4. Written Aptitude Test Written aptitude test is an integral part of a campus placement paper. Itnot only shows your skills in a particular subject, but also shows how effective your time management is. It is one of the most important parts of the entire recruitment process. Students can only master this section by working hard and smartly.

5. Hone your Proficiency in Written and Spoken English This is considered as one of the most important parts of the entire recruitment processes in the campus. People with good written and spoken English language are preferred over others. Hence, students must hone their proficiencies in written and spoken in English.

6. Group Discussions or GDs The idea of group discussions is to check how a candidate participates and deals with a particular situation if need be. Group discussions also help recruiters checkhow well a candidate can receive viewpoints of others and how open minded he is to accept other ideologies.

  • To prepare for group discussions students must do the following:

1) Students can do mock GDs with their friends.

2) Student can also find ideas for GDs from sources like Internet and books etc.

3) Being aware of current affairs also helps.

6 years ago
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