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Grade: 9
how do i prepare myself for getting admission into MIT for astrophysics course?  please give me tips on as how to should i proceed from class 9 onwards, which olympiads, competitions are required. Please answer ASAP
6 months ago

Answers : (1)

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							Every year only four to five students get chance to study in MIT. And the requirements are :-

If you are taking SAT try to score 1550+/1600. Though they don't care for your marks of standardized test but it's the need only.
  1. If you are taking ACT get 34+/36. As i said earlier it doesn't count much.
  2. If you are national Olympiad winner then you can make a cut because they care a lot about these things.
  3. If you are an athlete (state or national winner) you can make a cut.
  4. If you are opting a major then show your immense interest in it otherwise your application will be thrown direct to dustbin.
  5. If you are in school then do whatever you are interest in and atleast get some award in it. Its very helpful.
  6. Always try to be on the peak of your class if you are in school. Its matter a lot.
  7. Keep good relation with your teachers because their letter of recommendations
  8. Do lots of social work and volunteering but passionately.
  9. Write a killer essay. Anything you can mention, from your school athlete game to your masturbating habit but remember you just need to cite ownself within a piece of paper.
  10. When writing your essay, be sure you are mentioning something that they like. Its very important.
6 months ago
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