How I decide colleges in AUEEE?

How I decide colleges in AUEEE?


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13 years ago

Hi Pooja

      Deciding colleges in AIEEE can be done using many criteria like

     1) Branch - You can choose college according to your preferred branch. Supposing you want to do your graduation in chemical engineering then you should look for NITs where chemical engineering has good reputation 

     2) College reputation - You can also choose any college/ NITs based on their overall reputation (can be known by rankings, placement history, asking seniors etc)

     3) Place - You can choose colleges according to their place / location . For example , if you want to do your graduation near by your hometown, you can choose the nearest NITs/ college

     But you will have all above options if you have a good rank otherwise you will be forced to opt for remaining colleges based on your rank in AIEEE

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