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How to find the image of one given line with respect to another given line?

How to find the image of one given line with respect to another given line?


1 Answers

Askiitians Expert Soumyajit IIT-Kharagpur
28 Points
11 years ago

Dear Deepak Lanka,


Case 1 when they are non parallel :-

The angle made by the reflected line with the mirror line be θ then the reflected lin.e will make -θ with it and hence we will get the slope. Then we have to find out the point of intersection through which all the three lines will pass through. So, we shall get the equation.

Case 2 when they are parallel

Then the distance of the given line and it,s image from the reflecting line will be opposite in sign...........Condition(1)      Let the eq of the line after reflection is ax+by+c=0 the a and b will be known as they all are parallel to each other.

Thus from there we will get the c part of the line by using condition 1.

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All the best Deepak Lanka !!!



Askiitians Experts

Soumyajiy IITkharagpur

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