well....i am currently a dropper,, & undergoing my preperaions for JEE.... i am having just 1 year for my preperations,,and i wanted to know which kind of strategy should i follow,,,,to get an admirable rank in JEE...though my preperations in classes 11 & 12 were not so good...

well....i am  currently  a  dropper,, &  undergoing  my  preperaions  for  JEE.... i am  having  just  1  year  for  my  preperations,,and  i  wanted  to  know  which  kind of  strategy  should  i  follow,,,,to  get  an  admirable  rank  in JEE...though  my  preperations  in  classes  11  &  12  were  not  so  good...


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Piyush Mishra
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12 years ago

yes it is very much possible to clear iit jee in one year. for this u hav to follow certain things:

1. be positive

2. do hard work

3. study from only appropriate books and dont waste time in chatting, surfing net and watching tv

4.start from basic kevel and understand the theory well. then do questions based on that start from ncert. and be confident.

best of luck.


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