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Piyush Mishra Grade: 12

sir how is book kc sinha , eduwiser publications book and what are the features of ml khanna book


7 years ago

Answers : (4)

vishal singh
18 Points

Features of K. C. Sinha's Eduwiser books :

The books are divided in 2 sections. First sections is based on +2 CBSE syllabus. The second section is based on competitions like IIT-JEE and AIEEE. New pattern questions (Subjective type, Single correct answer type, Multiple correct answers type, Linked comprehension type, Assertion-reason type, Matrix-match type, Integer type, etc. are included in the entire second section. There are solved and unsolved questions of all new pattern questions. Besides these, Eduwiser books have been recpommended at many institutions...I think you should go for them.

M.L.Khanna's book is obsolete and outdated now. I would not advise you to go for M.L.Khanna's book.




6 years ago
shalabh saxena
18 Points

k c sinha's books from Eduwiser Publishing are excellent for iit-jee preparations. you can use them for ur cbse xii preparations as well. with these books there is no need to buy two separate books for cbse and iitjee. the book has excellent presentation quality, precise theory, excellent examples and a number of practice questions based on new pattern.

if you look deeper you will find that the questions in the books are most similar to what iit-jee asks. i believe that iit tests ur knowledge and ability to solve questions which is very well captured by these books. i recommend them strongly..but again its a personal choice. but go ahead and see if these books look good to you.

6 years ago
8 Points
great book! Eduwiser series has captured the market and looks set to be the only book of choice for JEE and CBSE combined preparation!Absolutely great. 
3 years ago
abdul ahad ansari
17 Points
two times a number is a 100% increse in the number.if we take half the number what would be the decrese in percent.
one year ago
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