can u give lists of top aeronautical engg. colleges in india


can u give lists of top aeronautical engg. colleges in india


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Ramesh V
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12 years ago

Dear Akshay,

First i would like to know whether u r very interested to do aerospase engg or nor.

Bcoz in INDIA thr arenot much oppurtunities for aerospace dept. Eventhough some aero- related companies are thr, they will take mechanical and electrical enggs to fill theor requirement.

As a fresher, the jobs wont pay much atleast in INDIA, and even I dont ny find ny companies except some PSUs like HAL.

As a final yr student from IIT Kharagpur, I suggest not to take aero, if u only looking for a job prospectus .

If u want to go for AERO, do it only in IIT ( dont go for any non-IIT instis ), here u get gud base from whr u can apply for higer studies in EUROPE,USA...

Dont go for Aero blindly thinking that u get highly paid job... sometimes 2-3 companies like german based AEROBUS comes ti iits , but they take 1-2 higher GPA students..

Always IITs comes first, then comes state based aerospace colzs like one from Dehradun, TAmil nadu




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