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A particle is projected that time its kinetic energy was KE1......and at the top point where vertical velocity is 0 its kinetic energy was KE2 ....... The ratio of KE2 : KE1 is 3:4 ........ find the difference in their velocities ...... Dear ankit let velocity at the begineeing ii u and angle of projection is θ. KE1 =1/2 mu 2 KE2 =1/2 m(ucosθ) 2 given KE2 : KE1 is 3:4 so cos 2 θ =3/4 θ =30 difference in their velocity =u-ucosθ =u-u√3/2 =u(1-√3/2) sir but answer of this is u/2 ....

10 years ago

Answers : (2)

chaitanya pansare
23 Points

then might be the ques. is asking the difference in vertical velocities which comes out to be usinθ-0 i.e. u/2-0=u/2

10 years ago
Badiuddin askIITians.ismu Expert
147 Points

Dear Ankit Shukla

last answer was on the basis of difference in velocity magnitude.

I think you want difference in velocity vector

Initial velocity =ucosΘ i + usinΘ j

final velocity =ucosΘ i


difference in velocity =ucosΘ i + usinΘ j -ucosΘ i

                             =usinΘ j

                            =u sin30 j

                            =u/2 j

magnitude            =|u/2 j|



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Askiitians Experts

10 years ago
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