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Amitabh Sinha Grade: 12

whats ur view about doing petroleum engineering from rgipt.i am totally confused between ee or it from mnnit vs petr. from rgipt.which of them has a better success % in coming 10 years or more. moreover the avg package offered to first batch passing out this year is 8 lacs by psu


5 years ago

Answers : (1)

kavish Dwivedi
94 Points

see MNNIT is far far ahead when it comes to placements in psus ..there is not even a single navratna company in india that desent visit it every year...only because it has its alumni as CMD or directors  in almost 5 of the nine navratna is gail whose CMD is just 48 and a mechanical grad from MNNIT..thats why gail visits only MNNIT,IIT D ,IIT K,IIT R and IIT KGP and its the best psu in terms of work and pakage...The reasons are simple MNNIT has been famous for its mechanical and civil engineering civil still is the 2nd best place to study in india after IIT R..jist go through their faculty list you will know why i am saying this so...just because at that time there was already two an IIT present in U.P. it couldnt be made an IIT rather roorkee was given the status inspite of the fact that even today except civil MNNIT is better than IIT R in almost all the branches even NIT T,W,K are also better than that..and on top of that ee has more options in psus than as far as EE and IT are concerned first let me clear your misconception that IT and CSE at MNNIT are exactly 100% same to same...check their syllabus its same their placements are same average pakage same its actually comparison between CSE and EE and you know the difference between these two branches will offer you lots of money in GOOGLE,FB,AMAZON,GS,ORACLE,ADOBE,DIRECT i,NETAPP,MS,CISCO,CITRIX which are surely dream companies and visit the campus every year even comparing dtu and nsit you wont find atleast 5 companies from this list that visit dtu/ you can imagine the difference in quality of cse at MNNIT and cse at DTU/NSIT which many pretend to be better than MNNIT.EE will give you lots of psu opprtunity but restricted growth of wont be able to get past 20 lpa in psu whereas in software companies you may go up to crores ddepending upon your ability + AC life from the start..

5 years ago
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