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What shall I do to crack IIT as I have very less time for my exams

What shall I do to crack IIT as I have very less time for my exams



1 Answers

askIITians Faculty 69 Points
6 years ago
If you have already basic understanding of the subjects, you can then start with the past JEE papers. Go through them to get a feel of the level of questions being asked in the exam. After this, start with your preparations. Take a question bank for each subject and complete it by heart. For that you’ll have to study the concepts chapterwise, go through reference books a lot of times to clear your doubts and build new concepts. This will also enhance the problem solving approach to these problems.
Join a mock test series so that you get an evaluation of your performance among the students. Don’t forget about the CBSE as that too is also needed for your eligibility to appear in JEE advanced. Once , you’re done with the subjects upto a certain level, you can then favour your subject preference to score merit in the exam.

All the best

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