What are the various branches or fields in IIT?

What are the various branches or fields in IIT?


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Hi Amrithavarshini,


1. Applied Mechanics
2. Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology
3. Chemical Engineering
4. Chemistry
5. Civil Engineering
6. Computer Science & Engineering
7. Electrical Engineering
8. Humanities & Social Sciences
9. Management Studies
10. Mathematics
11. Mechanical Engineering
12. Physics
13. Textile Technology

1 Aerospace Engineering
2 Applied Mechanics
3 Biotechnology
4 Chemical Engineering
5 Chemistry
6 Civil Engineering
7 Computer Science and Engineering
8 Electrical Engineering
9 Engineering Design
10 Humanities and Social Sciences
11 Management Studies
12 Mathematics
13 Mechanical Engineering
14 Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
15 Ocean Engineering
16 Physics



    Aerospace Engineering
      Agricultural & Food Engineering
      Architecture & Regional Planning
      Chemical Engineering
      Civil Engineering
      Computer Science & Engineering
      Cryogenic Engineering
      Center for Educational Technology
      Electrical Engineering
      Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering
      G S Sanyal School of Telecommunications
      Geology & Geophysics
      Humanities & Social Sciences
      Industrial Engineering & Management
      Information Technology
      Materials Science
      Mechanical Engineering
      Medical Science & Technology
      Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
      Mining Engineering
      Ocean Engineering & Naval Architecture
      Oceans, Rivers, Atmosphere and Land Sciences
      Physics & Meteorology
      Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law
      Ranbir and Chitra Gupta School of Infrastructure Design and Management
      Reliability Engineering Centre
      Rubber Technology Centre
      Rural Development Centre
      School of Water Resources
      Vinod Gupta School of Management




1. Computer Scinece and Engineering BTech, MTech, PhD
2. Electronics and Communication Engineering BTech, MTech, PhD
3. Mechanical Engineering BTech, MTech, PhD
4. Civil Enginering BTech, MTech, PhD
5. Design BDes, MDes, PhD
6. Biotechnology BTech, MTech,PhD
7. Chemical Engineering BTech, MTech, PhD
8. Physics BTech, MSc, PhD
9. Chemistry BTech, MSc, PhD
10. Mathematics and Computing BTech, MSc, PhD
11. Humanitites and Social Sciences MA,PhD

1  Architecture & Planning
 2  Biotechnology  Biotechnology
 3  Chemical Engineering  Chemical Engineering
 4  Civil Engineering  Civil Engineering
 5  Electrical Engineering  Electrical Engineering
 6  Electronics & Computer Engineering
 Electronics & Communication Engineering
 Computer Science & Engineering
 7  Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
 Mechanical Engineering
 Production & Industrial Engineering
 8  Metallurgical & Materials Engineering  Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
 9  Paper Technology

 Pulp &Paper Engineering


1 Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering Hydrocarbon Engineering
2 Electronics & Computer Engineering Electronics & Wireless Communication Communication Engineering
Electronics & Computer Engineering
Computer Science &  Engineering Information Technology
4 Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Power Electronics
5 Paper Technology Process Engineering M.B.A.
1  Architecture & Planning  M.Arch. , M.U.R.P.
 2  Alternate Hydro Energy Centre  Alternate Hydro Energy Systems
 Conservation of Rivers & Lakes
 3  Chemical Engineering  Computer Aided Process Plant Design
 Industrial Pollution Abatement
  Industrial Safety & Hazard Management
 4  Civil Engineering  Building Science & Technology
 Computer Aided Design
 Environmental Engineering
 Geotechnical Engineering (with
 Diversification in Rock Mechanics)
 Hydraulics Engineering
 Geomatics Engineering
 Structural Engineering (with
 Diversification in Bridge Engineering)
 Transportation Engineering (with
 Diversification in Traffic Engineering)
 5  Earthquake Engineering  Soil Dynamics
 Structural Dynamics
 Measurement & Instrumentation
 6  Electrical Engineering  Power Apparatus & Electric Drives
 Power System Engineering
 System Engg. & Operations Research
 7  Electronics & Computer Engineering  Control & Guidance
 Computer Science & Engineering
 Communication Systems
 Information Technolgy
 RF & Microwave Engineering
 Semiconductor Devices & VLSI Tech.
 8  Hydrology
 Surface Water Hydrology
 Ground Water Hydrology
 Watershed Management
 9  Mechanical & Industrial Engineering  Machine Design Engineering
 Production & Industrial Systems Engg.
 Thermal Engineering
 Welding Engineering
 CAD, CAM & Robotics
 10  Metallurgical & Materials Engg.  Industrial Metallurgy
 Physical Metallurgy
 Corrosion Engineering
 11  Paper Technology
 Pulp & Paper Engineering
 12  Water Resources Development & Management  Irrigation Water Management
 Water Resources Development


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