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which books should i refer for AIEEE

which books should i refer for AIEEE


3 Answers

sanat gupta
16 Points
9 years ago

1. Read and understand all the important concepts of NCERT textbooks. Memorize important formulae and results.

2. Once you are done, develop speed by solving mock tests in given time.

3. Go for study materials of coaching centres prescribed for iit jee/aieee (resonance/fiitjee) 

keep analysing your mistakes and correct them...that wud help you improve. All the best.

For further practice/reference reading go for books of renowned authors only or you might end in confusion, especially in chemistry.

All the best.

palash moon
35 Points
9 years ago

i recommed u to use arihant it is one of the best book.

pooja naik
38 Points
9 years ago

for physics-Problems in General Physics, By I.E. Irodov (For selected problems)
Fundamentals of Physics, By Halliday, Resnick & Walker 


for maths-Calculus, By J. Edward 
Integral Calculus, Shanti Narayan, S.Chand & Co. 
Differential Calculus, Shanti Narayan, S.Chand & Co. 
A Problem Book in Mathematical Analysis, G.N.Berman, CBS Publishers 


for chem-Organic Chemistry, By Solomons
Concise Inorganic Chemistry, By J.D. Le

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