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Ramsing Pal Grade: 12
        I have not understood the chapter friction well.I will be very grateful if anyone can explain it to me.
8 years ago

Answers : (3)

AskIITians Expert Hari Shankar IITD
17 Points

Read it thoroughly from HC Verma. Then, solve all friction problems in HC Verma. After that you wont have any doubts in it.

8 years ago
(\/)ur@l! Kr!$hn@ k
33 Points
										Friction is a chapter which will be taught as an extension to forces and kinematics. It would be very easy to learn friction if u are through at FREE BODY DIAGRAMS . It very easy to solve any kind of friction problem if you could just draw a free body diagram of the system given to you and analyse it5 to get sufficient number of equations for solving the variables. It'd be better if you could read the whole chapter of friction from "H C Verma" and complete the excersises . You could also solve D C Pandey and Irodov books for further knowledge.

8 years ago
neeraj agarwal
34 Points

read from askiitian metarial

5 years ago
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