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gaurav kumar Grade: Upto college level
        sir ,I have taken admission in NIT trichy with metallurgy as my branch ,at the same time i have been allotted a seat in BIT MESRA with civil engineering question is shud i leave nit trichy and switch to bit mesra ,which branch is better?branch sliding is rarely seen at both the places I even plan to do mba(crack CAT)later on so wat shud i do????????pls reply soon as i dont have enough offered at mesra will be cancelled if i dont take admn by 31st of july!!
8 years ago

Answers : (2)

AskIITianExpert Srijan.iitd
8 Points

Both the colleges are almost the same rank when engineering colleges are concerned with NIT trichy place little ahead of BIT MESRA.But the thing for which NIT trichy is famous for is the faculty of its computer science department.Also civil at BIT MESRA is very very good.Talking branch wise civil is much much better branch than metallurgy from the point of view of job prospects ,growth of civil related industries and demand in the industry for research oriented engineers.Civil is surely the biggest employment geenerator of economy since ever and there are ample opportunities comming up in future especially in the developing nations like India.


The Department of Civil Engineering BIT MESRA was established in 1957.

B.E. Programme:

The Department offers all the appropriate courses required for training a Civil Engineer. The Department is one of the few in the country offering a course in Disaster Management with special focus on Earthquake Engineering at the undergraduate level. In the final semester, two elective papers in the following specializations are offered:

  • Structural Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Water Resources Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering

M.E. Programmes:

The specializations currently offered in the post-graduate programmes are:

  • Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering
  • Structural Engineering

The Department has the following laboratories: Geology, Surveying, Structures, Soil Mechanics, Foundation Engineering, Hydraulics, Fluid Mechanics, Cement, Concrete & Aggregrate, Bitumen & Road Materials, Transportation, Rock Mechanics, and Computation Laboratory. Computer Aided Drafting Analysis and Design is performed in the Central CAD Laboratory.

The Department has facilities for field-testing in Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Non-Destructive Testing Equipment for Structural Engineering. The field tests form topics for the advanced laboratory courses in the respective areas. Students in the pre-final/final years of their study are shown ariund construction sites to get first hand knowledge and for adding a physical feel to textbook knowledge. After second semester, students are recommended for vacation training in reputed Institutions/Organizations.

Civil Engineering, known to be the mother of all branches of engineering has all the ingredients for providing better quality of life and environment on earth. A wide range of courses on topics of general nature and of service to mankind starting from homes to other buildings, roads and highways, railways, tunnels and bridges, dams and canals, port, docks and harbours, water supply and drainage, airports, tower structures and skyscrapers, all fall within its realm. In the present scenario Civil Engineering offers a wide scope of bright and promising career opportunities and professional advancement, a trend that is forseen for years to come.

If you wnat to do mba after then also BIT MESRA is a better option.Its environment is quite good for the personality development and its a really really beautiful campus with beautifull buildings...i hv visited it!!!!

my final advise would be to join BIT MESRA!!!!!

hurry up!!

8 years ago
gaurav kumar
8 Points

thank you sir for ur guidance!!!!!!!!!!!well one of my friend got ECE at mesra but he has decided to stay in NIT may be there are slight possibilties that my branch get upgraded to ECE,so wat about ECE prospects and is it a better option  than civil.??????????

8 years ago
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