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Vishrant Vasavada Grade: 11
        Hello. Please my whole message.

I scored 84 % in Gujarat board and now I am planning for preparing for IIT-JEE. So, when should I start? My plan is to start from this august itself. I have also joined Coaching class. In their first test, I got 10/100 in chemistry, 13/100 in physics and 51/100 in Mathematics. I got 122/270 in second test. So, will I able to cope up with JEE? I have also enrolled for Brilliant Material. So, how to start, when to start. I have with me HC Verma, Objective Mathematics and O.P agraval chemistry. So, is there any still good book which I should buy? Please guide me...
8 years ago

Answers : (1)

AskIITianExpert Srijan.iitd
8 Points

Staart right now.Infact this is the best time to start for jee preparation,august would be too late!!!You see time is very precious for any competetive exam.Estimate time you are left with,analyse the syllabus,watch out your your approach towards your preparations,what resources you can use and plan out your road ahead.


Too many books just increase pressure and frustration because there are always too many of them.HCV is the best book of physics espesially the small answer questions and the MCQs should be done very very deeply and discuss with your instructor at coaching or school.I.E Irodov too is a good book which stress more on concepts than on calculations(they dont make you do calculations in JEE).

which objective mathematics you are talking about i dont have any idea,i mean publication n writer.Follow what is asked in your coaching.Same for Chemistry.


About your marks!!!, they are just not that bad.If you have not yet started formally with jee preparations then you dont need to worry.the questions are just different than what you saw in schools and ofcourse have shown big improvement.And that is most important,just keep it up!!!

8 years ago
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