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Grade: 11
        can i knw the easyway to learn functions
8 years ago

Answers : (1)

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Dear student,

In an abstract Mathematical sense, a function is a mapping of some domain onto some range. For each item in the domain, there is a corresponding item in the range of the function. Thus the domain is all of the possible inputs to the function and the range is all of the possible outputs. Each item in the domain corresponds to a specific item in the range. However, an item in the range may correspond to multiple items in the domain.

For example, let's describe a function for album titles. Our function will take as its domain, album titles. Our function, let's call it FL(album_title) will output the first letter of the first word in the title of the album. Thus the range of our function will be all of the letters in the alphabet. (I'm pretty sure that you can find an album for each letter of the alphabet, right?) Here are some examples of our function at work.

Album TitleFL(Album Title)
What's The Story, Morning Glory? W
Achtung Baby A
The Piano Rollls3 T
Piano Man P
August and Everything After A
Collective Soul C
1812 Overture ???


For each album title (left) there is a corresponding FL(our album title) from the range of FL(album_title). As you can see, the function can get the same value in the range for two different inputs. But what about the good old 1812 Overture? Because the first word - "1812" - does not start with a letter, our function cannot handle it. Thus it is out of the domain of our function. Hence, the domain of FL(album title) is all album titles that begin with a letter.

8 years ago
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