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what's the highest and lowest package of gov. college affiliated to UPTU. Which branch will be well- EC or CIVIL

what's the highest and lowest package of gov. college affiliated to UPTU.

Which branch will be well- EC or CIVIL

Grade:Upto college level

1 Answers

AskiitianExpert Shine
10 Points
12 years ago


Most of the colleges donot display their placement stats, so i wont be able to update u with this info. On an average 3-4 lacs package is the average package fr most engineering colleges other than IITs and NITs.

Nw if u wanna compare EC to Civil, then EC is a much desired and better branch. It attract better paid jobs and does have a better working environment. Graduates in Electronics  have opportunities in Government and private companies for installation, operation and maintenance of electronics equipments and systems. Defence, space and other large research organisations employ electronics engineers in design and development of complex devices and systems for signal processing and telecommunication. Industries involved in design and fabrication of devices, integrated circuits, embedded systems, electronic equipments etc have also provide large scale placements for engineers with this specilisation. Installation and maintenance of electronic equipments used for health care in hospitals, equipments & systems for instrumentation and control in process industries automation systems of assembly line in production industries, etc are also handled by electronics engineers.

Knowledge of computer hardware, networking equipments and communication systems enables electronics engineering graduate helped them to annexe an edge in the IT job market. The skills and understanding developed in the course enable them to be preferred, as software professionals by IT companies.

Civil industry is also on a boom these days with all the infrastructure development taking place at such a gr8 pace, so that wud also nt be a bad option if no choice is available.

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