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which is abettet option cse at igit or it at nitk?

which is abettet option cse at igit or it at nitk?


1 Answers

AskiitianExpert Shine
10 Points
12 years ago


It from NIt Kurukshetra is a better option over IGIT. U can see the ranking fr NIt Kurukshetra from the following link  .

National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra or NIT Kurukshetra (earlier Regional Engineering College, Kurukshetra) is a public technical university wholly funded by Government of India. In December 2008 it was accredited with the status of Institution of National Importance(INI). It is one of the twenty National Institutes of Technology established and administered by Government of India.

NIt kurukshetra has produced some of the best engineers in India.

Some of the most distinguished alumni are:

  • P K Munjal, MD, Hero Honda
  • Adesh Gupta, Chairman, Liberty Shoes
  • Srini Raju, Chairman, I-LAbs
  • Rakesh Bakshi, Padma Shri Awardee
  • Sanjay Dhawan, Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer of Aricent Technologies
  • Biraj Adhikari, Deputy CM of Sikkim
  • K K Agarwala, Vice-Chancellor, GGS Indraprastha University
  • Ramasubramanian.T.K, physicist and famous writer
  • Rohit Sharma, Founder and CTO ONI systems (acquired by Ciena Corp.)
  • V K Suri, Chief Director, National Co-operative Development Corporation (Govt. of India) 

The IT industry has great scope for people as it provides employment to technical and non-technical graduates and has the capability to generate huge foreign exchange inflow for India. India exports softwares and services to approximately 95 countries in the world. By outsourcing to India, many countries get benefits in terms of labour costs and business processes. Also, the Indian companies are broadening the range of services being provided to the customers, which is resulting in more off shoring. Talent acquisition, development and retention initiatives taken by the companies have brought down the employee attrition rates, thereby providing more stability to the employees and increasing their job commitment.

Although IT is hit by recession but it still has gt fine scope, and moreover the recession is also bound to end some day.

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