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ANKUR SHAH Grade: 12

please explain me in detail the scope of mining( BHU).......... in INDIA and abroad.............types of job offered to graduates................. and average packages............... thanks.............

8 years ago

Answers : (2)

AskiitianExpert Shine
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Mining Engineers are supposed to study general engineering course followed by professional mining classes in drilling and blasting, materials handling, rock mechanics, mine health and safety, mine ventilation, mine cost engineering, ore reserve analysis, operations analysis, mine planning, and minerals processing. Elective courses allow students to concentrate their studies in specific areas. These courses prepare graduates for entrance into the mining engineering profession, as well as provide a good background for more-specialized studies or advanced administrative positions.

Solution mining, including microbial-assisted extraction methods, is a new area of interest that has been integrated into the curriculum. Prevention strategies are to be incorporated in the planning and design of present and future operations. But most of the schools in mining engineering cover the planning of extraction methods, use of equipment and the supervision and control of operations in underground and opencast coal, ore and metalliferous mining. This includes laying out the plans, and devising shafts, inclines or quarries for the safe extraction of these resources, whether they be coal, petroleum, metallic or non-metallic minerals from under the earth


The academic programme includes not just a grounding in basic engineering sciences but also a fair amount of theoretical and practical training in the different aspects of mining engineering, metallurgy and geology. planning, design, construction, operation, & maintenance of mines, their safety, & excavating & transport of minerals.


Both private & public sectors of the mining industry offers a vide range of opportunities to mining engineers.

As technological and engineering field mining engineering offer a tremendous opportunity for the person who wishes to become involved in the application of our natural mineral resources to the preservation and enhancement of man. To meet these need mining engineers require a broad understanding of basic sciences, engineering, and economic principles. General education, communications skills, and comprehension of social factors are also important, since engineers often assume managerial functions within the mining industry.


Specialization:This includes not just grounding in basic engineering sciences, but also a fair amount of theoretical and practical training in the different aspect of mining engineering, metallurgy and geology.

Employment Opportunities

A degree in Mining Engineering provides students with a versatile education that opens many professional opportunities. Graduates have a range of job options in the mining industry, such as engineering, operations, sales, and management. The breadth of subjects covered in the mining curriculum provide additional opportunities in allied fields. Private sector businesses, as well as state and central agencies, rely on the services of mining engineers. In addition, one can get job in government sector: Mines, Minerals Development Corporation and mining department of Union and state Government.



8 years ago
AskiitianExpert Shine
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The approx average packages for IITs and NITs are as given:

For B.Tech students, Salary will be propotional to his ability & talent. There will be no much differences in the salary range for students in top level institutions like IITs, BITS & NITs.
But I am here provide you average salary range in these institutions for the last 5 years.
All IITs - Rs 525000/year OR 43750/month
BITs - Rs 475000/year OR 39500/month
NIT Trichy - Rs 400000/year OR 33000/month

Engineers get paid depending on their specialty and their skills, but even the lowest paid are above the median anywhere. Civil, industrial and manufacturing engineers are typically paid lowest, starting out, right out of college, in the US, at maybe $45,000/year. Chemical engineers right out of college will make $57-$60,000 or more. On average, an engineer will make about twice the starting salary when he retires (correcting for inflation, of course). Mechanical Engineers start at salaries about $5000/yr less, on average, than Chemical Engineers. Chem Es have been the highest paid for most of the last 50 years or more.

8 years ago
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