Sir, I have got 5-year MSc integrated Chemistry in IIT-Kanpur......can you please tell me if its good and what scope does it have ( other than teaching )...thanks.


I have got 5-year MSc integrated Chemistry in IIT-Kanpur......can you please tell me if its good and what scope does it have ( other than teaching )...thanks.


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The Department of Chemistry, IIT Kanpur is a major success in the field of research and teaching. The department offers a general chemistry course for all B.Tech and 5-year integrated M.Sc. students.

Faculty of IIT Kanpur Chemistry

  • The well qualified faculty of the Chemistry department has led to the success in the teaching and research works conducted jointly by the students and the teachers.
  • There are 9 teachers each in the organic and inorganic department, while 10 professors support the department of physical chemistry.
  • These professors are highly skilled in various branches of Chemistry like, Statistical Mechanics, Organic chemistry, Transition metal Chemistry, Supramolecular chemistry, Quantum Computing and Reaction Dynamics.

Chemistry lab facilities in IIT Kanpur
The Chemistry department of IIT Kanpur has excellent laboratory facilities. The following facilities are rarely found in other institutes:

  • Mossbauer spectrometer
  • Ultra-centrifuge
  • EPR Instrument
  • Analytical NMR (JEOL-60)
  • High Field NMR (JEOL-400)
  • UV/VIS spectrophotometer
  • IR spectrophotometers (ordinary and FT)
  • Electrochemical setup for cyclic voltametry
  • Light scattering photometer
  • CHNSO analyzer

Seeing this u can decide , that IIT Kanpur has good infrastructure for the concerned course and it would be a good choice .

Scope for higher education and job opportunities for M.Sc.(Chemistry):

Chemistry is an important field of Science, which has been expanding its glory into all other branches of science at molecular level. Investigations are on for discovery of new molecules wherein a lot of chemistry personnel support is essential in R & D. Discovery of new molecules for specific action on human diseases such as cancer, AIDS etc has led to expansion of drug industry. Outsourcing of contract research for the bulk production of certain molecules gained momentum in India which requires well trained chemistry post graduates particularly emphasizing on experimental skills. The human genome project is the focal point of interest where, microbial, plant and animal genomes has an important impact on opening up new vistas for research. Exploring animal genome opens up unlimited scope to pursue research. Biocatalyst in stereoselective synthesis of molecules of medicinal importance is another thrust area of research. Agrochemical and pesticide, bulk drug, pharmaceutical industry also requires support from a lot of well qualified chemists. Teaching at Intermediate, graduate and post-graduate level also requires a large number of well qualified chemists at M.Sc. and Ph.D. level.

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