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Prerna P Grade: 11

Im having troublle when it comes to physics. Even though i spend a lot of time on theory and grasping the basics, i am not able to solve problems efficiently. It takes a lot of time for the appropriate method to strike me. However, i face this problem only in physics, my maths and chemistry is relatively way better than physics. I'm getting frustrated due to this. I'd appreciate suggestions as to how i improve my confidence levels in physics.

7 years ago

Answers : (3)

Aakash Hemant Jha
35 Points

Learn basic concepts very well.Then try to solve good book such as H.CVerma.Firstly solve the examples.It will surely help you.

7 years ago
Yash Maurya
31 Points

If your maths is good your physics cannot be poor as both subjects are highly interrelated..! I would suggest you that start reading from NCERT... its a good concept builder book..! I enjoy reading physics...whn I am doing it with NCERT..HCV, IRODOV OR RHW..according to me are mere practice books...faoundation can be built through NCERT!...Neglecting NCERT is one of the biggest misconcepion amongst the students, follow it like a bible..! & try to visualise the given situation the if your reading relative velocity in kinematics...visualise  the the bodies coming toward each other or going in opposite know what I mean...! Physics is the best subject [ after math for me :) ] if read with enjoyment !

7 years ago
Prerna P
14 Points


thanks for replying. i find physics really interesting.. its just that im not able to apply the concepts i have learnt while solving problems. so when the chapter is taught in class, i simultaneously do the theory from HCV. then when it comes to problems, first i do HCV- solved and unsolved. then i try to complete the problems in the classes printed notes. then i refer to dc pandey or RHK. is the sequence right?

i dont really mind laws of motion and circular motion, the fact that im bad at relative velocity freaks me out! i'll manage, though, thanks :)

7 years ago
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